Master Pages

Hi in this post let me explain what is Master Page in ASP.NET and in couple of days I will also post the similar concept how to do in J2EE and PHP. It is a template page that can be used as a foundation for any number of ASP.NET content pages in your application. In … Continue reading

Adding and Deleting Data and Transaction Log Files

USE [master] GO — Find DB’s Physical Filename ——————————————————————————————   SELECT       LTRIM(RTRIM( AS ‘Database Name’       , CONVERT(SYSNAME, DATABASEPROPERTYEX(N”+ + ”, ‘Recovery’)) AS [Recovery Model]       , LTRIM(RTRIM( AS ‘Logical Filename’       , b.filename AS ‘Physical Filename’ FROM master..sysdatabases a INNER JOIN master..sysaltfiles b ON a.dbid = b.dbid WHERE = ‘pubs’   … Continue reading

Hi ,It has been almost 2 months since i blogged;was stuck up with my project task,but i learnt many things thought of sharing with you.May be couple of days I may post on SQL Server probably queries which I got to know from  Database Administrator,hope u will enjoy reading To Find all Foreign Keys pointing to … Continue reading

Where div and table can be used

Hi recently I came across the specialty of div and table;I was more confused with the popular sayings in the web designing industry”tables design tables design”,still I don’t understand where exactly each one should be used;I didn’t dig about the issue rather I came across where div can be used and where tables can be … Continue reading

.NET Remoting Quick Start

Hi these days i was more excited to know more about .NET Remoting .I’m going to put together a few blog postings over the next few weeks that show off ways to use Remoting.  This first walkthrough below will help you get started and introduce some of the important concepts.I keep updating as and when … Continue reading


Hi check this slide ,it was the slide which i prepared for my National Level Seminar on the topic Mahup,I am have not explained much about it but i put up my slide hope u all like it. Mashup View more presentations from pnnaveen.

WPF Basics

Hi in this article i am going to explain in short about Windows Presentation Foundation an awesome technology by Microsoft ,personally i enjoyed reading it especially about XAML its really cool a best alternative to thought of putting more effort on VB.NET but once I cam across Windows Presentation Foundation I really stopped working … Continue reading

LINQ Basics

Hai,it as been many days since i blogged,actually i was not having time to blog was busy in searching job………Thats a long story to go.Recently I started to study on LINQ it a awesome techonolgy by microsoft it took almost 20 days to understand the basics ,I thought of sharing with you.Let me start with … Continue reading

Error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server

Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft SQL Native Client: An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. Are you panic with this type of error then it’s no more, … Continue reading

Project-Based Development and Projectless-Based Development

Introduction Web Project can be developed of two types a)      Projectless Based Development b)      Project Based Development or web project Project less Based Development Creating websites of this form is called project less applications. It has its own advantages over Project Based Development. The advantages include a) It simplifies deployment: We can simply copy the … Continue reading